One on One Consulting

Journey to Home Personal Coaching

Accelerate what you’re out to accomplish. Address what matters most to you in your life. With the unique skill of your personal Journey to Home coach and using our proven one-to-one coaching methodology, you’ll experience a direct and immediate difference in realizing your goals.

In a powerful and dynamic one-to-one interchange, coaches work with you to clarify and powerfully align your goals and objectives with what really matters to you. Coaches listen to widen perspectives and explore what you want to focus on, what you’re passionate about, where you find yourself getting stuck, and which structures, practices, and timeframes will support you in achieving those results. You’ll leave these sessions with a new freedom and having taken steps toward what you’re out to accomplish throughout your life.

Create a short- or long-term coaching relationship to empower you in fulfilling your ongoing goals and objectives. Custom-tailored for graduates of Journey to Home intro workshops and delivered in conveniently scheduled phone sessions.

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