Men’s Awareness Workshop


The Men’s Intro Workshop is a journey to reconnect with your deeper essence (home). Many men carry with them unresolved patterns of thinking around masculinity, commitment, love, relationship, vulnerability, boundaries and safety.

We build a safe, honest and powerful place for you to step into possibility, your possibility!
Has the time not come? Aren’t you ready to…

  • To stop passing your personal baggage down to your kids, and be a present loving father?
  • To revitalize your marriage and bring home a vital passionate man open to intimacy?
  • To free up stuck areas in your life and commit your own health and wellness?
  • To stop being a victim to circumstance and take ownership of your choices?
  • To work through pitfalls in behavior and step into “My Life!”?

Join a group where many other searchers have found themselves to step out of the trivialities of the day to day grind and focus on what matters most, don’t you owe that to yourself and more importantly your loved ones?


The last words of the workshop are 10/10 a variation of the following message: “You have been given tools to step into your own aliveness, step into your own love. Do you have anything else better to do than be more compassionate and loving your child, to your wife? To be a bigger fuller more powerfully aware vulnerable man? Go and use it, Go and be there! Go… Go!

This experiential workshop imparts tools that give men the context to wake up to what is already there. No one is broken despite what society may teach and no one is a less integral part in our Creators plan for all of us. The dynamic nature of this workshop enables participants to expand how they think, what they feel, and even how they move and feel in their bodies.

Who are you? What are you living for? Do you deserve to find real love… real joy? Is success within your reach? What is it that is keeping you from feeling fully alive? These are some of the questions that motivate us to seek out authentic growth. No coach therapist or rabbi can answer your answer for you, those answers are within you and we provide the space to find them. An opportunity to spend 3 days exploring the depth of who you are and reconnecting with your true self. is a rare opportunity to spend 3 days exploring the depth of who you are and reconnecting with your true self.


New York, June 11-13, 2021 

New York, July 2-4, 2021    

New York, August 27-29, 2021

Pennsylvania, October 29-31, 2021 

Pennsylvania, December 10-12, 2021 

Experience Journey To Home LIVE - discover your purpose, unlock your power, freedom and creativity or reignite passion in your relationship, among so much more. Whatever you are looking for, our specialist can guide you to your ideal experience at a Journey To Home workshop.

At Journey to Home for men you will…

  • Learn the basic principles that guide the process of self development
  • Be introduced to your self on a whole new level
  • Gain insight into what has been holding you back/ keeping you in a rut
  • Learn tools for communicating with greater integrity and authenticity
  • Access your power, freedom, and creativity
  • Be challenged to move beyond your self-imposed limitations
  • Join a loving, supportive community committed to deeper values
  • Express your masculine power

It’s a rare chance for a man to be vulnerable, be seen, be loved and be supported

David, Journey to Home Participant