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Journey to Home Personal Coaching

At Journey to Home Corporate, we work directly with companies and organizations to cultivate the dynamic leadership skills and interpersonal connection that foster a healthy, successful company culture. How? By engaging and enrolling everyone in the company’s mission—your big “WHY”—and by empowering employees at every level to be leaders.

Using many of the same personal transformation exercises and facilitation techniques practiced in our individual workshops we will work with your organization to introduce you to new approaches and skills to foster a growing, vibrant, and successful team.

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How it Works

Following an initial one-hour conference call we will spend anywhere from one-three full days with your company, offering:

In person seminars designed to educate and motivate executives and managers on our outstanding comprehensive approach to extraordinary leadership.

One-on-one sessions with managers and employees who would most benefit from working with us.

Follow-up assessments on the interpersonal dynamics and general culture at work in your business, as well as the best practices to improve productivity, communication, and connection in your organization.

We will start by introducing ideas that give your staff a common, shared vocabulary to create maximum connection, efficiency, and productivity. And through the one-on-one meetings with employees, we’ll provide your managers with a deeper, more specific assessment of the “problem” dynamics—as well as the remedies to solve them—at work within the company. Finally, our follow-up conversation with you will offer an in-depth assessment of your organization, alongside specific and concrete best practices you can implement immediately.

Of course, we are also open to customizing the structure of the process based on your needs and the needs of your organization.