Awareness Workshops

Journey to Home is our peer-led, experiential weekend of self-discovery, personal-growth and inner-healing work and waking up to your own truth.

Wellbeing is an experience to be had, not just an idea to be discussed.

It is designed especially for men & women to address blocks and issues that they feel have been holding their own growth in relationship and spirituality.

Together we create a s supportive yet challenging group environment where we explore and expand the spectrum of our being.

There is a firm yet non-intrusive grounding in Torah and chassidut bringing the practical lessons of our sages to action. This is a place where those of strong and little faith can come and enhance their relationship to our loving Creator who wants us to be our greatest selves and meet our potential.

Important Details

  • The workshop is conducted in a safe, isolated environment, away from outside concerns and distractions.
  • The workshop is residential, meaning that all programming, meals, and lodging takes place on location at the workshop venue.
  • The workshop is highly experiential, employing a variety of exercises and challenges that aim to integrate intellectual principles into meaningful subjective experiences.
  • The curriculum is intensive and will require you to be punctual and ready to fully engage: physically, intellectually, and emotionally.
  • This workshop is gender specific in order to create the appropriate and optimal environment for personal transformation.
  • The cost of the workshop includes all food and lodging.
  • There is nothing else you need to do, except to show up exactly as yourself.