Men’s Awareness Workshop


  • Learn to not take things personally, but as an opportunity to grow.
  • Support each other and create future accountability
  • We choose what processes we want to be causing: what we want to be doing and what context we want to be living from.
  • Accept that life is not happening “to” you but “for” you. You will learn to stop fighting your life, and say “bring it on” to it instead—allowing yourself to live fully in every moment.
  • Forgive and see your healing through to completion, truly letting go of and feeling freedom from any remaining pain.
  • Transform and rise above your wound by converting it into your greatest gift, letting go of its negative affects on you and stepping into the personal power with which it has given you.
  • This is the next step in your journey toward true fulfillment and serving others.


New York, August 6-8, 2021 

This is where the journey becomes real. The advanced workshop taught me how to take what I learned in the intro workshop and really integrate it into everyday life.

Mark, Journey to Home Participant

Important Details:

  • The cost of the workshop includes all food and lodging
  • There is nothing else you need to do, except to show up exactly as yourself.
  • There is a powerful 10 week follow-up program to support you in integrating the breakthroughs you received into your everyday life.