Our Workshops

  • Awareness Workshops

    Journey to Home is our peer-led, experiential weekend of self-discovery, personal-growth and inner-healing work and waking up to your own truth.

  • Breakthroughs & Reunion

    Reconnect with other participants who have attended the JTH program in an accepting environment where it is ok to be vulnerable.

  • Advanced Workshops

    Learn to not take things personally, but as an opportunity to grow. Support each other and create future accountability

Corporate Training

By engaging and enrolling everyone in the company’s mission—your big “WHY”—and by empowering employees at every level to be leaders.

One on One Consulting

With the unique skill of your personal Journey to Home coach and using our proven one-to-one coaching methodology.

Who We Are?

Journey to Home was founded as a place where someone can come and meet their own truths, essentially coming home to themselves. Many of us have narratives that have been driving our lives and our most natural human impulse is to strive for something greater and bigger. Our own mediocrity has become our greatest roadblock on that path. We often see the blueprints that were created and agreed upon after decades of development and sometimes changes and shifts aren’t being made. Healthy lasting growth and change happens when we bring awareness and take responsibility for our own selves and live with authenticity and integrity in relationships. We can be the guardians of our emotions and when we bring mastery to those areas of our life that we might not be stepping into we have the potential to live more freely passionately, and joyfully. The question is if not now then when?

Journey people